In 2008, many of our colleagues who graduated from the fields of Knowledge and Documentation Management, Librarianship, Documentation and Information and Archiving have served in our library which started to serve with the establishment of our University. Listed below.
We would like to thank these colleagues who have made important contributions to us in the past and wish them success in their professional lives.
Istanbul Gelisim University
Department of Library and Documentation
Previously served in our library:
Alev DÜLGER (Library Founder, Librarian 2008-2011)
Aytuna ÖZBENT (Librarian - 2011-2012)
Aslı BAYAT (Librarian - 2014-2015)
Metin TİRYAKİ (Librarian - 2014-2015)
Tuba KORKMAZ (Librarian - 2014-2016)
Rabia Meryem KARADEMİR (Librarian - 2016)
Mehmet Said DEMİR (Librarian - 2016-2017)
Oya YILDIRIM (Librarian - 2016-2017)
Muratcan EDİZ (Librarian - 2017-2018)
Sümeyye ZORBA (Librarian - 2017-2019)
Emine ŞAHİN (Librarian- 2017-2020)
Kerem BEYBEK (Librarian - 2017-2020)