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Hiperkitap Electronic Book Database
It is an electronic book database designed by Hiperlink for the quick and easy access of academics, scientists, students and enthusiasts to academic knowledge and Turkey is the First Online Library.

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What is Hiperkitap?
Hiperkitap is the first and only made-in-Turkey digital library consisting both academic and general books. Hiperkitap’s e-book collection includes thousands of titles in 28 subject categories such as language and literature, history, philosophy, psychology, law, computer, environment, personal development, engineering and technology, economy, and finance, medicine and business.

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Our library has been subscribed to the Proquest E-Book Central academic electronic book database in 2017.
In this context, around 205.000 books have been presented to the students, academic and administrative staff.
Almost every subject has e-books.

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MathSciNet ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Our library subscribes to the MathSciNet database, which is the Bibliographic Database for Maths and Applications, prepared by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). In 2017, 65 universities from Turkey has subscribed to the MathSciNet database.

We would like to thank the Presidency of the Board of Trustees of our University, our Rectorate and other contributors for providing this Access and we wish that it will be good for our university.


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Our library has become a subscriber to the Oxford University Journals 


Our library subscribed to the Oxford University Journals in 2014. In 2015, the number of magazines available for this subscription increased from 262 to 285. Our access to 285 magazines in 2017 continues uninterruptedly.

Most of the subscribed journals are scanned by SCI, SSCI or AHCI indices. In other words, the most prestigious magazines of the world are accessible from IP address.
Start searching Oxford Journals now! Your access is already available via IP recognition. Please use your Oxford Journals subscription!

Access Address:


Please click here for our e-journal list.




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JEPPESEN Mobile FliteDeck Online Access



SOBIAD Citation Index Subscription Started!

Our university has been subscribed to SOBIAD Citation Index in the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Without any user name or password, you can have unlimited access to SOBIAD from your internet network.

Access Address:

About SOBIAD Citation Index:
SOBIAD, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences areas published by a total of 1132 journals indexed is a database containing citations and a national index that is also found in Turkey based in most social science articles.
About SOBIAD Citation Index:
SOBIAD, is a  data base index for Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences departments and 1132  other journals, and a national index that is also include most social science articles in Turkey.
In Sobiad;
* There are 1132 magazines.
* There are 296,079 articles.
* There are 6.016.175 citations.
* journal, article and citation numbers are increasing day by day.
Which features are available?
The SOBIAD Citation Index provides tools to target users to find the simplest interface:
* Sort by years in the search results are available.
* For each article, author, summary, number, year, type information such as search results can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on the article.
* Found results can be easily printed, edited before printing.
* The number of corporate use and the number of article downloads are submitted to the institution as a statistical report.
* is a mobile device compatible service.


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